Yearly physical exams:
We recommend yearly exams for the young pets and 6 monthly exams on seniors and pets with chronic illnesses.


Regular Vaccinations:
We provide all vaccinations for the puppies and tailor the protocols based on individual pet’s needs. Pets staying indoors require different vaccines compared to ones who are outdoor and hunting pets.



Yearly physical exams:
In cats, we do recommend yearly physical exams on all the young pets and every 6 month exams on the senior and patients with chronic diseases.


Regular vaccinations:
We use the best available and tested vaccines in the market for the safety of the pets. We do recommend testing all the cats for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency viruses. All outdoor cats are recommended to have leukemia vaccination along with other regular vaccination.


Common Services

Heartworm testing and preventative:
Heartworm prevention is recommended year round for all pets. Based on American Heartworm Society recommendations, Every pet should be tested for heartworm on yearly basis and that is what we recommend.


Flea & Tick preventatives:
We recommend all the pets to be on the flea and tick preventative at least during summer. But in some areas especially in suburbs and country side areas or proximity to woods, Pets may need year round preventatives. Flea do carry some worms which can be transferred to the pet if the pet ingests the flea. Ticks carry some of the worst diseases. Some of the common ones are Lyme disease, Rocky mountain spotted fever, Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis etc.


Senior Care:
We recommend senior blood work for all the pets above seven years of age to check pets for liver, kidney, and thyroid problems. We do recommend some special diets based on the pet’s needs e.g. J/D diet, K/D diet, DM diet, HA diet, ZD ultra as and if needed.


We do spaying and neutering at or around 6 months of age. We recommend pre-anesthetic blood work on all the pets that undergo the anesthesia. Spaying and Neutering does prevent some of the problems in the later life of pet i.e. prostate tumors or hypertrophy, mammary gland tumors etc.


Other Surgeries:
Our doctors have experience in other surgeries as Cruciate repair, Patellar luxation repair, Entropion corrective surgery, Pyometra, Caesarian sections, Foreign body retraction, all other soft tissue surgeries. Please give us a call to ask us about the surgeries if your pet needs any surgery.


We do provide radiological services on premises for diagnostic purposes in serious and critical cases. Radiographs are also done for the OFA certifications.


We use the safest and best protocols based on the age and blood work results of the pet. We do monitor all the pets undergoing anesthesia for heart rate, Oxygenation levels and also the blood pressure. Every pet undergoing surgery is recommended to have intravenous catheter and to be on intravenous fluids.


Prophylactic Dental:
At Potomac Valley Veterinary Hospital, we do provide prophylactic dental cleaning, fluoride treatment under the anesthesia. Ask us for written estimates for dentals and February is celebrated as dental month every year and we do provide dental discounts (not combinable with other discounts) in February.

Pet Emergencies

Potomac Valley Veterinary Hospital is a 24 hour On-Call Animal hospital.
In the event of an emergency please call 703-425-7387. Contact us any hour any day.